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Saturday, March 19, 2005


By: Bro. Khairul

Listed below are specific steps to becoming even more professional than you are now, what ever you walk in life. Remember: Professionals do not need to be told, but they do not mind being reminded.

BE ORDERLY: The first requisite of discipline in order. A well run office, home, or classroom sets the stage for orderly conduct.
BE NEAT: Maintain a neat office, work area, or classroom. Those working with you and for you should be impressed with the importance of neatness and cleanliness and should be given the responsibility of helping you keep the environment that way.
BE SPECIFIC: Establish set procedures. Having established policies will save your time and also prevent discontent among those around you.
BE REASONABLE: Whatever your individual standard may be, make sure they are reasonable, keep to a minimum, well understood by others, and fairly consistently enforced. Don’t ask others to do what you are not willing to do, too.
BE ON TIME: If you are five minutes early, you’re late.
BE MATURE BUT NOT “STUFFY”: Be friendly always: but there’s basic difference between friendliness and familiarity breeds contempt. You can think as others do and understand others without compromising your principles. In your work you are always the friendly person doing a professional job.
BE UNDERSTANDING: Please remember that love and respect are the two most unusual commodities we have in our society. The only way we can get them is by giving them away. This process starts with understanding.
BE WARM FUZZIES FREELY: Recognize unacceptable behavior for what is: a symptom. The need for attention or affection, the expression of fear, resentment, or insecurity may be the basic problems. By fulfilling these needs, you can show a person that he or she does not have a retort to unacceptable behavior to gain his or her hands.
BE COMPETENT: Generally speaking, it’s an important part of your job to solve problems before they become unmanageable. When you need advice for handling a group or and individual, consult someone you respect, and don’t wait too long. Get more training and increase your value to your organization.
BE IN CONTROL: Insist at all times on respect for authority.
BE OBJECTIVE: Don’t be thin-skinned. Don’t take undisciplined, aggressive behavior by others personally.
BE FREE FROM ARGUMENT: Nothing is more demeaning than getting involved in arguments. You may discuss and explain, but you should never argue.
BE HONEST: No one is perfect: We are all human. Be big enough to admit errors.
BE HAPPY: Don’t afraid to show your sense of humor. Some incidents are funny, and you cannot avoid them. Laugh with others and/or at yourself freely and naturally.


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